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All About Us:

Formed in the 1950's, Cavalier Trail Riding Club is the second oldest horse club in the Colorado Springs Area. Originally out of Fort Carson, CTRC was a military club that was eventually opened to the military families and then to the public. In the 1970's and 1980's, the club was maxed out at 125 memberships, with 100 people on the waiting list. We aren't quite at those numbers today, but headed that way. Membership dues are $20 for one person per year or $30 per family per year – all ages welcomed!


We don't have a club house or an arena to maintain; which is why we meet at area restaurants or other riding club clubhouses. We focus on trail rides and try to have at least 2 per month in the winter and one a week in the warmer months. We like to ride in the Black Forest, Monument, Douglas County and AFA, but occasionally schedule rides up in Teller and Jefferson County. We donate time to trail maintenance in Garden of the Gods and Section 16.  We are currently in talks with a state park for trail maintenance there as well.


We have a scholarship fund for the next generation of horsemen. Contact us for information if you know of a high school senior or college student in need.


Revised November 2022

Board Members

President          Susan Smith  

V. President       Torre Leahy                                      Secretary          Celeste Aragon   

Treasurer          Jerry Herring         


Executive Board Member

Celeste Aragon


Members at Large

Donna Delladio

Tammi Murphy

Lois Fagerquist

Lawrence Aragon

Stephen Brandenburg

Larry Tobias


Committee Chairs

Newsletter        Celeste Aragon

Trail Rides         Torre Leahy, Becky Milot-Bradford

Trail Maint.        Nancy Reinhardt

Scholarship        Sarah Burke, Margaret Miller

Trail Fun            Torre Leahy

Historian           Torre Leahy

Social                Lois Fagerquist

Membership       Susan Smith

Webmaster        Celeste Aragon

Social Media       Celeste Aragon, Becky Milot-

                        Bradford and Lauren Swenson


Club Activities:

Helping with a Poker Ride/Fundraisers or Clinic

Participating in a Parade Unit

Colorado Horseman's Council Rep

Club Historian

Lead a Trail Ride

Club Trail Ride Chairman

Newsletter Editor

Scholarship Committee

Social Coordinator

Sunshine Committee

Webmaster and Social Network Committee

Trails & Open Space Coalition Rep

Trails Maintenance

Help with Email Notification

By-Laws Committee


Meet The Board

Susan Smith

President of CTRC.  Member since 2018.

Torre Leahy

Vice President of CTRC. Member since 2016.

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