Upcoming Trail Rides

Ride Challenge Dates:

Fortunate 500 - November 1, 2020 to October 31, 2021 - Cost: $20.00

Winter Solstice - January 16, 2021 to April 17, 2021 - Cost: $10.00

T-Shirt 200 Challenge - April 18, 2021 to October 24, 2021 - Cost:  $20.00

Updated 12/01/2020

Please be at the ride at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time to allow for tacking up. If you are going to be late, contact the trail boss or they will not wait for you.


Trail Rules and Regulations

These rules apply to the regular, slow group.  If you go with the fast group, some of these rules are hard to apply - so ride at your own riskRide in the group to you and your horses ability.


  • The Trail Boss is the person in charge on the ride. Be sure to check in with the Trail Boss and sign the roster sheet along with any applicable release forms.

  • Be saddled and ready (release signed etc.) at the time listed for the ride—don’t keep everyone waiting.

  • Do not move out until all are mounted. 

  • If your horse kicks, put a red ribbon in its tail.  If riding a stallion, he should have a yellow ribbon in his tail and forelock.

  • Maintain a safe distance from other horses. Keep at least a horse’s length between you and the horse in front of you at all times, especially going up and down hill.

  • Do not pass the trail boss without permission. 

  • Club members are responsible for any guests they bring. They should ensure the guest has signed a release and introduce the guest to the trail boss.

  • Your horse should be tied to your trailer with a quick release knot.  No hobbles or ground ties permitted.

  • No riding double.

  • No smoking on trails except at areas designated by the trail boss.

  • Children under 17 must be accompanied by a parent or sponsor.

  • Cantering will be controlled and at the discretion of the trail boss. 

  • Ask for permission to pass slower horses.  Do not trot or canter up to or past other riders. 

  • If crossing water, do not stop immediately in front of other horses to water your horse.  Try to find a spot either above or below the water crossing. If your horse won’t cross the water move out of the way so that other riders may cross and follow someone whose horse willingly goes through. 

  • Last but not least, relax and enjoy your ride, the company of your mount and your fellow club members!

A non-member can ride with us two times ($1 charge) before they must become a member. Applications are not taken at the ride - you must mail them or sign up online.

In case of inclement weather, monitor the website or Facebook.  You can also call the Trail Boss to see if the ride is still on.​​​


CHANGE** April 10 - Saturday 10am

​Fox Run

Where: Homestead CHANGED to FOX RUN
Trail Boss: Lois Fagerquist

When: Saturday, April 10, 2021, ready to ride at 10:00 a.m.

Directions: 2110 Stella Dr, Colorado Springs, CO  80921

Fox Run Regional Park can be reached north on Hwy 83 via Old Northgate Road, North on Roller Coaster Rd, West on Stella Dr OR Hwy 83 South, West on Hodgen, South on Roller Coaster Road, West o Stella Dr.

Trail Difficulty: Beginner

Shoes: Not required

Notables from the Trail Boss: Bicycles, joggers, dogs, wind mill.

April 18 - Sunday 10am

Lincoln Mountain

Where: Lincoln Mountain Ride

Trail Boss: Celeste Aragon 719-641-9763

Ride Time: 2-3 hours

When: Sunday, April 18th- ready to ride at 10am

Directions:  7333 Jones Road in southern Douglas County, is .6 miles west of State Highway 83 on Jones Road, 18 miles south of Franktown, CO. 

Trail Difficulty: Beginner

Shoes: Not required

Notables from the Trail Boss: 4.2 miles round trip (if you do the upper loop too it is longer) - Bicycles, dogs, hikers, runners, no water crossings

April 24 - Saturday 9am

Section 16 Clean Up Day

Nancy Reinhardt is the contact. The is part the Great America Clean up. Members will receive 2 participation points and this will count towards the Fortunate 500 gift (if you are signed-up for that). We will meet in the parking lot. Bring gloves and sun screen.

May 2 - Sunday 10am

Dawson Butte

Where: Dawson Butte Ride

Ride Time: 2-3 hours

Trail Boss:  Celeste Aragon 719-641-9763

When: Sunday, May 2- ride at 10am

Directions: 1923 Tomah Road, Castle Rock. From I-25, take the Tomah Road Exit, Turn right/north onto the frontage road, turn left/west at Tomah Road; follow 1.5 miles to the Dawson Butte Ranch entrance on the right.

Trail Difficulty: Beginner

Shoes: Not required

Notables from the Trail Boss: Parking may be an issue - Runners, Bicycles, Strollers, Dogs

May 9 - Sunday 10am

Mount Herman

Where: Mount Herman

Trail Boss: Torre Leahy 719-660-6417

Ride Time: 4-5 hours

When: Sunday, May 9th– Ready to Ride at 10am

Directions:  To get to the trailhead, take exit 161 and go West on 2nd St. Make a left on Mitchell Ave and a right on Mt. Herman Rd. Follow Mt. Herman Rd. onto the dirt (follow for a bunch of miles – do not turn into the parking area for hikers) and make a right on Red Rocks Dr (do not continue straight on Mount Herman Dr! 4x4 access only and to get a trailer turned around is impossible!). The parking/turn-around is on your right.  It is a large field area where paragliders land.

Trail Difficulty: Advanced Ride

Shoes: Very Recommended

Notables from the Trail Boss: Bicycles, joggers, dogs on and off leash.  Rock climbing, narrow trails (watch your knees!)

May 15 - Saturday 10am

Pueblo Reservoir

Where: Pueblo Reservoir

Trail Boss: Lacie Davilman 504-307-9859

Ride Time: 3-4 hours

When: Saturday, May 15th– Ready to Ride at 10am


Trail Difficulty:


Notables from the Trail Boss: 

May 23- Sunday10am

Cheyenne State Park $9 Park Fee

Where: Cheyenne Mountain State Park $9 Park Fee

Ride Time: 2-3 hours

Trail Boss: TBD

When: Sunday, May 23 - ready to ride at 10am

Directions:  410 JL Ranch Heights Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80926--- I-25 exit #135, South Academy, head west on South Academy past Pikes Peak Community College, continue west to Highway 115, turn left (south) on Highway 115. Turn right at the first stop light, JL Ranch Heights Road (also the light for Fort Carson Gate 1), the park entrance is to the west. Go west and follow the road into the park. Look for state highway signs directing you to Cheyenne Mountain State Park.

Trail Difficulty: Beginner

Shoes: Not required

Notables from the Trail Boss:  Bicycles, Joggers, narrow trails in spots

May 26- WEDNESDAY 6:30pm

First WNR - Section 16 

Where: Section 16

Trail Boss: Lauren Swenson 719-205-7662

Ride Time: 1.5 hours.

When: Wednesday, May 26 – ready to ride at 6:30pm 

Directions: 8510 Burgess Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80908

Drive east on Woodman road. Turn left on Black Forest Road and then immediately right on Vollmer Road. Drive for 4.5 miles and then turn left on Burgess Road.
The parking lot will be on your right.

Trail Difficulty: Beginner

Shoes: Not required

Notables from the Trail Boss: Dogs, Hikers, Bicycles, no water crossings, 4 miles around the loop

May 29- Saturday 10am PRIZE RIDE Luck of the                                                           Draw

Sandstone Ranch

Where: Sandstone Ranch

Trail Boss: Lauren Swenson 719-205-7662

Ride Time: 2-3 hours

When: Saturday, May 29 – ready to ride at 10am 

Directions: 9604 S Perry Park Rd, Larkspur, CO 80118 ( I have heard that google maps will take you past the entrance so be on the look out for the entrance to your left if you are heading North on Perry Park)


Trail Difficulty: Advanced Beginner

Shoes: Not required

Notables from the Trail Boss: Dogs, Hikers, Bicycles, no water crossings, 7 or 12 miles.

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